Saturday, May 5, 2007

You’re Invited

The embossed open Bible and lavender flowers were carefully selected. The font was precisely the script I had hoped for; the wording, exactly as I had planned. Now as I sat engulfed by stacks of wedding invitations, I felt the mammoth task of addressing envelopes eased by encouraging thoughts of the upcoming day. Names from days gone by, friends I’d had in Bible college, memories of other times—these came flooding back to me as I addressed envelopes first to relatives, then to long-time family friends, then to personal friends acquired over the years.

After several evenings of locating addresses and formatting my computer-generated envelopes, I had at last reached the very last card. What a huge project! I’d never guessed that inviting people to the wedding would take so long. But without the invitations, who would know? Who would show up?

As I congratulated myself on reaching the end of this part of my wedding preparation, another thought cascaded to my mind: this isn’t the only wedding I’m responsible for inviting people to.

No, in a short time, another wonderful wedding feast will be held, and people the world over are invited. Literally anyone can attend—for invitations have been extended by the Father of the Groom. There is merely one stipulation: any individual in attendance must be wearing a wedding garment. That wedding garment is free to him—certainly it is priceless and precious, bought with blood, in fact—but these pure robes of righteousness are without charge to all who have been washed in the blood of the Lamb.

Many will attend this delightful banquet, celebrating bride and Bridegroom; but first, these must be invited.

How much effort am I putting into those invitations? Am I seeking out, in every neighborhood, long-forgotten souls who need to hear of this special event? Am I recalling everyone—even those who seem to spitefully treat the Bridegroom—and inviting them to this most wonderful wedding ever? “Go ye into all the world” is the Father’s command; He desires all to be in attendance at the gala event. Am I careful to present His invitation in a way that clearly explains how to get to this feast and illustrates the precious sacrifice of the Groom?

The invitations can be verbal or written; but they must carefully reflect the eternal truths presented in the Word of God. May I keep in mind this up-coming celebration and be as devoted to inviting people to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb as I have been in formatting and sending out invitations to my own upcoming wedding!

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