Sunday, June 13, 2010

Than the Voice of Many Waters

Rushing rapids, tumbling over rocks in the stream below, cascade ever downward. Crashing water topples, sheet upon sheet of foaming white. The glorious Mist Trail of Yosemite National Park showers hikers from the immense Nevada and the Vernal Falls, but two of the glorious falls we viewed while in Yosemite National Park. At its peak, Yosemite Valley Waterfalls, North America’s highest waterfalls, drops 135,000 gallons of water each minute.

My husband and I hiked Yosemite’s Mist Trail the first week of June when snow on the mountains was melting, providing a perfect source for the gushing streams. As we advanced gingerly down the mountainside, we positioned our feet carefully into rock crevices, deliberately avoiding falling from the slippery rocks, as we shielded ourselves from the spray, avoiding the mist of the crashing tumult.

Time and again as we approached the numerous waterfalls in this glorious valley, I was reminded of Revelation 1:15, “[Christ’s] voice as the sound of many waters.” This voice, which spoke the worlds into existence, dwarfs the most astounding waterfall. This voice, its powerful speech recorded in the everlasting Word of God, likewise astounds with power and majesty as it convicts, corrects, reproves, and sharpens. This voice speaks eternal words, mighty words, words that will never perish. This magnificent voice need not be viewed only in select places on earth, but everywhere God’s Word is published this majesty can be enjoyed, its breathtaking wonderment astounding any who dare to list to its resplendent resonance. Daily such a view can be mine. May I, like Billy Sunday, experience such magnificence as I daily interact with this ever-powerful voice:

“I entered through the portico of Genesis and walked down through the Old Testament's art gallery, where I saw the portraits of Joseph, Jacob, Daniel, Moses, Isaiah, Solomon and David hanging on the wall; I entered the music room of the Psalms and the Spirit of God struck the keyboard of my nature until it seemed to me that every reed and pipe in God's great organ of nature responded to the harp of David, and the charm of King Solomon in his moods.

"I walked into the business house of Proverbs.

"I walked into the observatory of the prophets and there saw photographs of various sizes, some pointing to far-off stars or events--all concentrated upon one great Star which was to rise as an atonement for sin.

"Then I went into the audience room of the King of Kings, and got a vision from four points--from Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. I went into the correspondence room, and saw Peter, James, Paul and Jude, penning their epistles to the world. I went into the Acts of the Apostles and saw the Holy Spirit forming the Holy Church, and then I walked into the throne room and saw a door at the foot of a tower and, going up, I saw One standing there, fair as the morning, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and I found this truest friend that man ever knew; when all were false I found him true" (Billy Sunday Speaks [New York: Chelsea House, 1970], p. 23).