Friday, August 19, 2011

All Glorious Within

As I held the paint brush in my hand, I looked about at the wall, wondering if I had made the right selection. Did I really want this shade of brown for the living room? After about an hour of work, I stepped back to view the results. Yes, I decided, this was precisely the color tone I wanted. My sister-in-law Laura and I worked together to change the dulled white to “latte.” Some days later, my friend Becky and I changed the trim from its unfinished pine board appearance to a white that complimented the new hue of the walls. When I examined that result, I was pleased. All the while, my husband and I had been renting sanders from Home Depot and using my Dad’s spiral sander to remove the layers of age from our maple hardwood floors. Finally, after two months of sanding and with my Dad’s help, we applied the first layer of satin polyurethane. The next week we applied the second layer. The floor was complete by the end of May.

We had moved in March 19, but it wasn't until the first week of June that our couch and Oriental rug made their entrance into the living room. The next week, the rest of the furniture came in piece by piece, and it was time to decide on wall hangings, curtain color, and a number of other details, including where to put the China hutch. After having transformed the walls and floors, decorating the room was like putting the icing on a cake. Dusting off layers from our sanding project, I hung the pictures in place and looked with satisfaction at the result. Finally after all that effort, my living room was complete!

Psalm 45: 13 reads, “The king’s daughter is all glorious within…” The Spanish translation puts it this way: “Toda gloriosa in su interior es la hija del Rey” or, “All glorious in her interior is the daughter of the King.”

What a bulk of time and exquisite detail it takes to furnish a single room! Envisioning the many decisions one must make concerning that room—from the interior decorations and home furnishings to the color schemes and other details—creates a picture of the kind of effort required of the king’s daughter so that she arrives at her desired result—that is, all of her interior being glorious!

How does this woman make every room of her heart picturesque, beautiful, and tastefully done? First, the princess must spend a great deal of time in each room, making choices about its contents. A portion of her moments will be spent analyzing how the different parts lend themselves to the harmony of the whole. By removing that which is unlovely, she will bring in only items contributing to gloriousness.

King Solomon tells us in Proverbs 15:6, “In the house of the righteous is much treasure.” From the corner cabinets of our lives, we, who are daughters of the Heavenly King, must remove any element that makes our interiors unsightly or lacking in glory. Sin we must excoriate, replacing it with all loveliness from the treasury of riches abundantly provided us by our precious King. How our Lord desires that we take trips to His treasury, since “In [Him] are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:3)! Oh, that we might know His secret, which is “with them that fear him” (Psalm 25:14); and, out of the abundance of His storehouse of wealth, take all that is necessary to make us “all glorious within”!

Step inside the princess’s home for one moment. Notice how she has allowed the exquisite design of grace to furnish the living room of her heart. Did you see the delicate lace of longsuffering covering the table of her reactions? What did you think of the solid mahogany furnishings from the King’s treasure store, which no doubt solidly ground her in all that is truth and honorable, complimenting so beautifully the inward virtue of her heart? Because she has availed herself of the King’s abundant treasury, this princess has made hers a home that is all glorious within!