Saturday, November 16, 2013

Technology’s Advantage

In an article entitled “Technology or Toys,” Rex Cobb, Director of Baptist Bible Translators Institute of Bowie, Texas, discusses the valuable use of technology, as well as its curse.  The following are some thought-provoking and truth-filled insights into the dilemma so many face on this topic.  Often we focus on the negative aspects of technology, but if we are bondslaves to Christ (as Paul was), we will note the actual purpose of anything we do with our time, including our use of modern technology. 

Please prayerfully consider his words.  Are you using technology in your life to reach this needy world with the Gospel and to redeem your valuable time for eternity?

Cobb’s premise is that modern technology can and should be used to further the Gospel.  He states,

“…Modern technology is useful in reaching the world with the Gospel.  We can sneak the Word of God in electronic form into places that are extremely hostile to Christians.  Let’s do more of it.”

While we should be amazingly adept at evangelism with all these apps out there, the job still isn’t getting done.  There’s no app for that!  Cobb notes,

“William Carey didn’t have a typewriter, and he produced forty Bible translations.  Who is coming that close with computers?  There are still thousands of unreached people groups, not to mention hundreds of thousands of towns around the world with no Gospel witness.  We lack men to go, and technology can’t replace them.  We can hardly send robots and drones programmed to shed tears and say, ‘I love you, and Jesus loves you, too.’”

Our chief purpose in life is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  As believers, a major purpose of our existence on this earth is to fulfill the Great Commission.  Therefore, we can ask ourselves, “Is technology assisting my evangelism or hindering it?”  If technology is used to further the Gospel, to develop a website to reach Muslims with the Gospel, for example, then let us spend time doing so.  If reaching souls is not our central focus in our use of technology, then let’s turn off the TV, the Xbox, stop the texting, and get in the prayer closet, where we can actually get the power to do the work of evangelism and discipleship.

Cobb concludes,
“ . . .  Let’s invest in technological devices that will help us; but let’s not waste money on the latest toys, just because everyone is standing in line for them.  Let’s use what will help us reach our goal and resist things that distract us.  Let’s use technology to get our bodies to the uttermost part of the earth; but let’s control the things that tempt our hearts . . .”

Oh, that we might daily embrace our call to reach the unsaved world with the Gospel!  Evangelist John VanGelderen wrote the following lyrics years ago concerning the attitude we ought to have when we see people.
When I look into the faces of people everywhere,
Help me see lost souls in danger and headed to despair;
Help me see the flame approaching, 
Beyond their fleeting days,
If they die without a Savior, 
They are lost to Hell fire’s blaze.

Help me win the lost and see them in their need;
Help me win the lost, salvation’s cause to plead,
Help me win the lost, O, Spirit, please empower,
Help me win the lost, Oh, use me now this hour!

After considering the message of Cobb’s article, I added,

When I look at the devices of modern technology
Help me see designer tools for Gospel ministry
Help me see their full potential to reach the many lost,
Use my texts to speak for Jesus 
And point others to the cross!

Yes, for the sanctified believer, technology is trash unless used to further the intended purposes of God for us upon earth. (Paul counted all things as dung so that he might win Christ.) Let us spend time in the quiet, waiting upon our God and then, as He leads, use technology, sanctified because of the control of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives, to reach the world with His Gospel.

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