Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day, 2015

“Happy Mother’s Day.”  The words came out of my mouth easily today, with a meaningful smile.  The newest mother, just married last year, beamed with her precious bundle, and I hugged her, wishing her joy on her very special first Mother’s Day.  But it hasn’t always been easy.  There have been other mothers' days where I have inwardly cringed, not exactly anticipating another Mother’s Day message, in which I was forced to recall that I was yet without children.  My desire hasn’t changed:  I still long to be a mother.  But today God’s been reminding me of a verse I found some time ago in my study of the Scriptures.  I’ve been meditating upon it and finding in it exactly the transformation I need.
Psalm 43: 4 calls God "my exceeding joy."  Mirth, gladness, and delight--these attributes from God exceed expectation.  He is the light amidst cloudy days; He brightens cheerless corners; He illuminates otherwise drab and dreary circumstances.  He makes mundane miraculous; from status quo He brings supernatural; what once was worthless He makes worthy.  Truly in God is found my best life now (not a wealth and prosperity gospel but a reality as we live by faith and see God, amidst even unpromising human circumstances).   
No matter that your dreams have been disappointed: He remolds them.  No matter that your life has taken a different course than you expected: He shapes your minutes.  If you are yielded to Him this hour, this life is abundantly full of His goodness.  Is not the entire earth full of His glory?  (Isa. 6:3) Then what in your circumstance cannot be transformed by a vision of Him, your exceeding joy?  Truthfully, nothing.
And so this day—I joy in the mothers about me, enjoying their precious children and I praise God that I can partake in this moment and view it as it is in His economy—a priceless treasure packed with His abundant grace and mercy for me.  
Whatever your need, see Him, the eternal God, as your exceeding Joy, and let Him fill your every moment with His fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11)!